This page lists the documents containing evidence that we will use to support the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish in numbers

CommunityInsight-St-Just-Parish-October 2019

Community and stakeholder views

Housing needs survey November 2019  St Just HNS Report Draft v1.2 final_appendices

Decision on whether to allocate development sites:  St Just Pendeen NP Steering Group decision on development sites 28 Oct 2019

Sustainable Pendeen electric vehicles event 24 August 2019

Household survey June 2019:

Household Survey PrelimData


Household Survey – Map interpretation report:    NP Household Survey Map Interpretation Report agreed 28 October 2019 final

St Just Pendeen NP Stakeholder Consultation June – July 2019

St Just Pendeen NP Stakeholder consultation report 21 January 2019

Have Your Say 2018 Final Report