This page lists the documents containing evidence that we will use to support the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish in numbers

CommunityInsight-St-Just-Parish-October 2019

Community and stakeholder views

Housing needs survey November 2019  St Just HNS Report Draft v1.2 final_appendices

Decision on whether to allocate development sites:  St Just Pendeen NP Steering Group decision on development sites 28 Oct 2019

Sustainable Pendeen electric vehicles event 24 August 2019

Sustainable Pendeen event 9 November 2019

Household survey June 2019:

Household Survey PrelimData


Household Survey – Map interpretation report:    NP Household Survey Map Interpretation Report agreed 28 October 2019 final

St Just Pendeen NP Stakeholder Consultation June – July 2019

St Just Pendeen NP Stakeholder consultation report 21 January 2019

Stakeholder consultation:  Cornwall Community Land Trust 29 Janaury 2020:  St Just Pendeen NP note of meeting with G Lewis CCLT 29 January 2020 agreed text

Have Your Say 2018 Final Report


Conservation area appraisals

This section contains and full CA statement for St Just, and summaries for the other conservation areas in the Parish.  There is a fuller set of documents for each of the other areas; access these via the links in the Conservation areas document list at the end of the list.

Bojewyan: Bojewyan_Title-and-Contents

Pendeen: Pendeen_Title-and-Contents

Boscaswell: Boscaswell_Title-and-Contents

Trewellard: Trewellard_Title-and-Contents

Carnyorth: Carnyorth_Title-and-Contents

Botallack/Truthwall: BotallackTruthwall_Title-and-Contents

Nancherrow/Tregeseal: NancherrowTregeseal_Title-and-Contents

St Just: St Just in Penwith_CA_Statement

Conservation areas documents list