Have Your Say – the results


The St Just Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan team is publishing the outcomes of its Have Your Say consultation with the community, undertaken in summer 2018.

The consultation took place through open days in Pendeen and St Just, work with the three schools in the parish, and stalls at Lafrowda and the Family Fun Day.  Members of the plan team, who are all community volunteers, were at hand to explain what a neighbourhood plan was and to answer questions.  Participants gave their answers to three questions: what do you like about St Just Parish? What could be improved?  What would you like to see in the plan?

329 people completed the public questionnaire and 125 school students completed the schools’ questionnaire.

The top five categories for what people like are: open space, community, heritage, facilities and coast.  Facilities are also top of the list of what could be improved, followed by parking, appropriate housing development, traffic and public transport.  And the five top issues which people want  the plan to address are appropriate development, facilities, conservation, business provision, and affordable housing.

The organisers say: “The replies show how passionate residents are about the character of the parish and what matters to them. The Neighbourhood Plan must be led by the public and the Have Your Say results give us our starting point for developing proposals, which we will put to the public during 2019 in the form of a detailed questionnaire.  Not all the issues raised in Have Your Say will fit into the terms of a neighbourhood plan, but they will not be lost.  We’ll produce a community action plan to ensure that the messages go to the Town Council and other interested parties.’

Have Your Say 2018 Final Report


Paper copies of the report are available at the Council Chambers, Centre of Pendeen, Library,  health centres, schools and community venues