Defining Development Neighbourhood Survey – results

Evidence News

We are publishing the raw data from our household survey, conducted in June 2019.  These represent responses from 994 households across the parish, estimated as around 38% of all households.  View two documents: the overall preliminary data, and data from business respondents. Please note that the raw data will require further checking and has not yet been analysed.  We are still working on the responses to question 8 of the survey (on local facilities) and on analysing the responses to our mapping exercise on possible sites for building, so neither are included at this point. We would like to thank team members who have worked hard on the survey, and most of all residents of our parish for their views.  The next stage of our work is to use what we have learnt from the data to draft the Neighbourhood Plan and the specific policies in it.  We will publish the data in a final form with an explanation and baseline information.Household Survey PrelimData Household Survey – Business