Public Consultation

Our draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is now published! Please visit the Draft Plan page to view it.

Public consultation on the draft Plan started on Monday October 12 and lasted till Monday November 23.  Thank you to all who sent in comments and suggestions.   We are now analysing these and will be replying to everyone.  We will compile a list of comments and the amendments made to the Plan  and publish it.  We will then submit the amended Plan to Cornwall Council.

When can the Plan influence decisions?

A briefing note from Cornwall Council explains the gradually increasing weight that is given to the Plan’s policies.  At this point, following the six-week public consultation, it states that  ‘Some weight could be given to aspects where clear community support can be demonstrated. The decision maker will have to assess the quality of consultation, level of support and the general conformity of proposed policies.’  See:  briefing-note-weight-of-emerging-neighbourhood-plans-update-march-2019

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan and why do we need one?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is a development plan for a town or parish introduced under the 2011 Localism Act and gives the opportunity for communities to shape the development of their area. Policies produced cannot block development that is already part of the Local Plan . What they can do is shape where that development will go and what it will look like.  They can offer additional protection for the things we value.

The Parish of St Just in Penwith extends to Chypraze in the north, Cape Cornwall to the west, Leswidden to the east and Trevedra to the south. It includes coast, countryside and moors with intertwining hamlets, villages and the main town of St Just. The parish is an important area of the West Penwith landscape with an unbeatable historical heritage and a wide range of habitats important for wildlife. Neighbourhood Planning is an opportunity for local communities to shape the way future development happens and a chance to protect what makes it special to the people that live here and the tourists that spend thousands on their visits helping the local economy to thrive. With the pressures facing the Parish from development, climate change and far busier tourist seasons than ever before, creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan specific to the parish is vital. The ultimate document requires research, data, and evidence building to create and justify the policies of the St Just Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan.  And it must be based on what residents want.

The Plan is being developed by a team of volunteer residents of the Parish.  We report to St Just in Penwith Town Council.